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About RRHA

In July 1949 the Roanoke City Council passed a resolution to establish the Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA).

Today, seven commissioners, appointed by Roanoke City Council, serve as the policy-making board of RRHA. The board's role is defined and governed by state law and local ordinance.

RRHA is an independent, political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia with three primary responsibilities to the citizens of Roanoke:

  1. To provide housing and homeownership opportunities and to accomplish neighborhood revitalization.
  2. To take a leadership role in providing programs and resources for residents that promote and encourage self-sufficiency, self-esteem and self determination.
  3. To maintain a leadership role in fostering economic development and job opportunities through redevelopment.

RRHA currently owns and manages approximately 1,276 units of public housing and administers approximately 2,067 units of Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers. RRHA also owns and operates 24 units of housing that are supported with Section 8 vouchers.  In addition, RRHA manages 207 units of rental housing that are part of the Low Income Housing Tax Credits program. A lease-purchase homeownership program is helping many individuals and families of low- to moderate-income realize the dream of homeownership. RRHA also partners with many community organizations providing programs and assistance.

RRHA's goal is to help others reach their goals by helping people become self-sufficient and reduce dependency on public assistance.

RRHA plays a key role in enhancing the community through both residential and commercial redevelopment activities.   RRHA owns important parcels of land in the downtown Roanoke area and works with Roanoke City, area businesses and homeowners to facilitate business and residential redevelopment opportunities.