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Maintenance Charge List


Public housing developments owned and operated by the City of Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) will use the Maintenance Charge List. Prices have been adjusted on materials and labor to reflect current cost to the RRHA. The labor rate is the average hourly rate of RRHA's current maintenance staff, including benefits.

Maintenance Charges
Damage that occurs to a unit that is beyond normal wear and tear will be billed to the resident of that unit. Examples include: lost keys or lockout, requesting emergency service for repairs that are routine, repairs resulting from residents' property, overloaded circuits, and replacement of light bulbs. The Maintenance Charge List for repairs is published and made available to all residents and the general public.

We understand that damage caused by the resident does occasionally occur. Your lease requires and we encourage you to report such damage in a timely manner. Reported problems will be resolved. However damage that has not been reported and which is discovered by staff will be processed as a lease violation and will remain a payment responsibility of the resident.

Charges are due and payable 14 calendar days after billing. If the family requests a grievance hearing within the required timeframe, RRHA may not take action for nonpayment of the charges until the conclusion of the grievance process.

Nonpayment of maintenance charges and damage charges is a violation of the lease and is grounds for eviction.

A copy of the Maintenance Charge List will be on display for review at the following locations (or click here for a list):

Lansdowne Park          2624 Salem Turnpike NW
Lincoln Terrace           1801 Dunbar Street, NW
Hunt Manor                   802 Hunt Avenues, NW
Melrose Towers           3038 Melrose Avenue, NW
Jamestown Place        1533 Pike Lane, SE
Morningside Manor     1020 13th Street, SE
Bluestone Park            2617 Bluestone Avenue, NE
Indian Rock Village      2034 Indian Village Lane, SE

If you have any questions please come by the office and speak with your Site Manager.