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South Jefferson

South Jefferson Redevelopment Area

The South Jefferson Redevelopment Area was adopted by the City of Roanoke and in May of 2000. The redevelopment area contains 110 acres located south of downtown Roanoke. The Amended South Jefferson Redevelopment Plan Area contains a boundary description and Boundary and Acquisition Map for the project area, conditions requiring redevelopment, statement of goals and objectives, general land use plan and other important information on the project. To review the redevelopment plan, please click on the above link to view in PDF format.

South Jefferson Redevelopment Area Design Guidelines

The South Jefferson Redevelopment Area Design Guidelines are meant to guide new developments (redevelopments), making them fit with local character while raising the quality of the built environment in the project area. The South Jefferson Redevelopment Area holds remarkable potential to increase the downtown service area and vibrance by substantially increasing the size and adding 40% to the square footage of the current downtown.

The guidelines establish three distinct districts:

  • Jefferson Street Corridor
  • Campus and Institutional Area
  • The Crossing

Each of the three districts has unique design criteria to regulate building setback, height limit, building materials, facades, parking, landscaping, signage, fencing and lighting.

Development plan review and procedures are also addressed in the Design Guidelines. This section explains the review process and content required for the submission of development plans for consideration by the Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority.

The South Jefferson Redevelopment Area Campus & Institutional District Standards are a supplement to the South Jefferson Redevelopment Area Design Standards and apply in the Campus and Institutional Area. The original document of the Campus and Institutional District Standards contains samples that are available to borrow from and the pages of this document were created for broader distribution.

For additional information concerning the South Jefferson Redevelopment Area, contact Frederick Gusler, Director of Redevelopment and Revitalization, at (540) 983-9260.